Disturbing topics in this article from AOL about the United States’ boycott of the Olympic Games in China. Official diplomatic representation that is. Other articles I read about Covid nightmares surrounding the 2022 Winter Olympics. It says in this article that the reason is because of the Uyghur genocide. A majority Muslim people in the far western Xinjiang region. From Wikipedia, “Since 2014, the Chinese government under the direction of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) during the administration of CCP general secretary Xi Jinping has pursued policies that incarcerated more than an estimated one million Muslims (the majority of them Uyghurs) in internment camps without any legal process.[2][3][4] This is the largest-scale detention of ethnic and religious minorities since World War II.[5][6]” More topics are scores of freedom from Freedom House and how those relate to the gathering of attendees. Following the link to Freedom House, we can research other scores by country relating to freedoms in democracy and internet. I can’t fathom my disbelief in this knowledge. Everytime I read about China lately, my heart is dissolved in a rotten apple of the world that has killed my dreams of the culture. How can we even play games if this is really happening there? You know my standpoint on animals and these are humans.