Three different artists now on the practice skin. Geometric Elements was on a drawing post sequence a while ago. I traced smaller versions and didn’t think I would salvage any worthwhile art because the pen point was too big for the details. I did a lot of touch up work and improvisation. I didn’t share at the time because I wasn’t particularly proud of the result and moved on discouraged. The rose I practice tattooed today was from a fourth design on a page I used by one of my favorite tattoo geared artists for the cover of issue #2 and one of the final posts of I drew the rose away from the hand and did a transfer. It was blurry in some places, but I know these traditional flowers well and worked quickly. Also practicing with the skin pens by Tim Hendricks. Not ideal work flow and I hate my machine sometimes with this practice skin. I know there’d be more consistent transfers and lines on real skin at this point. Drawing has become more innate in my skillset I realized for the first time. I flashed back to the tough year of Coronvirus in 2020 and that feeling of an art prison in my soul was like a comfort zone bringing me to my old place in Houston. Four nights from now, I should be exploring around there again.