On Sunday I walked to Chinatown to see my friend James Wang. He owns a bookstore there where one can even find originals he wrote on Chinese slang, street talk, dirty words/phrases and their English language translations. We talked about politics, the Lunar New Year and writing books. His secret or advice for writing a book is to know who is going to buy it before you start the first paragraph or get insider information that many don’t know about. It’s not an easy endeavor apparently to sell something you’ve written. I bought tofu, chopsticks and a glass container in the grocery stores nearby (H Mart and Great Wall).
I continued to my old neighborhood and tried to catch their fun children, but no luck. Afterwards I walked from there to my favorite Indian grocery store, Subhlaxmi in India town, to stock up on some Super brand spices.

I walked again to the mall where Rocko’s is located and finally met their newest tattoo artist who goes by the nickname, Jr. It’s busy in there on Sundays and I waited to get a chance to talk to Jr. about a tattoo and price. He had another quarter sleeve to finish and I agreed to wait. Since it was going to be at least two hours, I went to Burlington for a vegan snack and juice (I’m enjoying as I type from Travelodge by Wyndham). Then I went to the cinema there and bought a matin√© ticket to Encanto; all in Spanish with no subtitles. What a darling movie! I tried to follow for awhile, but it was cold in there. So I left early, also nervous about missing my tattoo opportunity.¬† Then I waited over two hours I think, listening to Heavy Rock and visiting with Rocko and Juana. Finally it was my turn and I got a new tattoo. Tattoo Journal updated.

I left my hotel there this morning and just checked in near the airport. Did I mention I brought my characters Chibi and Chibi 2 with Pumpkin Ghost! They are acting so shy.