Guess what!? Sandler’s latest movie Hustle is set for premiere on June 10th. He has another pending movie to be released this year called Spaceman of Bohemia (set in Prague). Also the Hotel Transylvania sequel is supposed to be in some theaters this week. I guess Adam Sandler (star of Uncut Gems) isn’t a part of it and not sure about Winnie the Werewolf. Yesterday I got some more drawing and tattoo practice with a traditional tattoo design by Reinekke from I also used the Tattoo Pen by Tim Hendricks to freestyle some writing. I used a 1rl on most of the tattoo design and a 3rl on the text. Experimenting with quicker speeds to line (like 10) and adding a water ink cap to dip in, diluting the lightest shade of the Zhang Po greywash set (Angel). I haven’t got the best speed for consistent shading yet, but I was able to get down a dark, confident line with the 1rl on first pass and did touch-ups from there.