I checked my old favorite Daiya vegan cheese and they have a new recipe without yeast! Their pizzas still have it though. I also just tried a new yeast-free, vegan chicken from Netherlands called Daring. I didn’t like the wording of the marketing on back at first, so I passed because the price is high for soy. Today I wanted to attempt to practice tacos for an entertaining company idea and was missing soy. The missing link was the tortillas however and recently found Siete’s cassava based Grain Free Taco Shells. Round one at lunch with the Daring. and round two at dinner with rice spiced from Garam Masala. Greenhouse lettuce and tomatoes soaked in balsamic, hot sauce and lime mixed with chopped black olives to save on vegan cheese this time because I had a block of the Daiya JalapeƱo Havarti Style last week.