Recently feeling helpless among other emotions about the situation in Russia and Ukraine. I have lived in Russia for six months and support various artists in both countries, as well as have friends in Russia and Ukraine I’d like to meet or meet again. Similar to my experience in trying to teach in China last year, it’s easy to start making generalizations and blanket statements about a country and their people. Our own friends can start to alienate themselves from us and treat us differently. We may not even know what we have done to earn such disrespect. I just want to remind each other that it’s important to not let our hate for a government’s actions or a country’s apparent leadership spread to each other. The idea that all the people of a given nationality or origin share the same attitudes and support those initiatives. I feel like a big problem is trying to find a way to express our frustrations about what a President does somewhere far away or even in our own country when we have no direct way to get involved or respond. Those lack of positive expressions can make one vent by looking at foreigners in our own country with an unfair treatment or vice versa. Immigrants in the U.S. could feel like they’ve lost their home because of what the U.S Government did to betray them or their people. So let’s not try to get too depressed about future travel and the hopeful decline of Coronavirus because we are trying to have a return of something like the Roaring Twenties, not another World War. A war that we cannot recover from; a celebration we need.