For those that haven’t been following the shocking events in Ukraine, I’m going to summarize my dramatic change in opinion towards several leaders and attitude about what currently is somewhere between like a serious battle or a world scarring, potentially nuclear war. *To start Trump committed career suicide in my perspective. What many sources call praise directly about Putin and attacks on the US as a whole country. He didn’t slip up in his comments either he claims later in news that states he then defends himself. Trump repeats the compliments about the monster responsible for killing what four hours ago has been written as 352 civilians, including 14 children. Biden was boasting about intelligence warning him of Putin’s plans for days before I read about anyone being killed. After freakish attacks had been reported, Biden then had said he wasn’t sending any American troops to fight. There are some Florida National Guard (not more than 200) helping with evacuations and advising military on strategy. I don’t understand why someone would keep trying to convince everyone about what they are sure another leader is going to do, yet not use it to prevent what is now too late for that information’s advantage. Movie star actor Sean Penn is apparently in the country trying to document the truth about Russia’s presence in Ukraine. That is the only hopeful thing I read except for that kind of bravery could cost us another priceless life. Another more recent report says several countries including the U.S. are shipping out Stinger missles. I will not pretend to know about any President’s job or war strategy, but I would not vote for Biden nor Trump in any future election. Not to mention after asking us to be on alert about Coronavirus variants with tests and masks being handed out, he then cut the food stamp program not long after I contracted Omicron also leaving countless people in poverty. If I hadn’t had help from other sources, I would have defaulted on all the loans I caught up on last year. Basically working for no progress. One credit card of which was issued by a bank for a huge musical instrument company that went bankrupt. These things may seem small in comparison to the kinds of weapons being fired in an amazing city I haven’t even visited yet, but there is also corruption all the way up to the copyright office which is robbing artists on possibly every transaction because of inconsistent instructions. My contact to VP Harris was responded to by Biden in what could have been a copy and paste memo to boost ratings, claiming that there are opinions in following step by step instructions. He robbed me of my motivation to write any story in fact by breaking down my confidence in established systems.

One link from an act in the Ukrainian tragedy that left me speechless last night. Read the second paragraph in one marine combat engineer’s career section.

*Update 3.30 Article that tells actual quote Trump made, which I now believe was taken out of context in several articles.