A new month is here and even though it’s my Dad’s birthday, I had a regular job interview and filled up the week with more job interviews. I drew another image off the tattoo page I licensed. The piece is a sword going under some skin and coming back out on the other side. I always thought this specific type of traditional tattoo was so unnecessary and kind of like tattoo artists being silly with cleverness. I’m going to practice tattoo one anyway on the realistic chest piece going through the breast and poking out on the center where the sternum would be. There is also an eye on the skin where the sword/longer dagger goes under. I measured many times in this transfer from digital file to pencil and paper because traditional sword pieces are easy to get crooked or stacked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I’ll transfer it to the practice skin most likely on Saturday. I also finished the most recent issue of Skin Art. It was an interesting read.