Counting down to Ultra which is sold out 98℅ and wondering if I should just sell the ticket. I haven’t been listening to music on my own for forever it seems. I almost don’t think I can handle the dramatic shift to the kind of intensity levels music gets to at a festival like Ultra. So I decided to press play on BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky. It’s a documentary or behind the music style movie I found on Netflix last year probably, but I wasn’t even watching any music topic shows. I haven’t finished the whole thing, still I’m confident in saying that I recommend it. These girls are so talented, dynamic and hardworking. The story isn’t full of music and includes a lot of getting to know the band and them individually. There is one guy who is like an all-around producer and musician that is a part of the group who also gives me a good, top achiever type impression. He was a vocalist for an all male K-Pop band. I lived in Seoul, Korea for about two years and wrote songs there, so I feel close to some scenes, but I’ve never tried to reach a show’s sphere of influence or audience like theirs in my lifetime. It’s almost scary to see them go from 0-100 on a scale of normal, down-to-earth, homebody, sometimes shy people to top fashion, diamond-etched talent and performance caliber while barely showing a shaking hand. It’s like they knew they were placed on earth for one reason and make it look easy.