I did another tattoo from the page I’m working on that I envisioned for myself. My hand was unusually shaky and I had to spend time fixing things. I also tried shading with the Angel shade (lightest) by using one and two drops plus additional water. I’m not able to consistently execute what I’m visualizing. The thing I learned or am reminded of is to warm up before tattooing. If I were doing real tattoos this would be the warmup. I am also nearing the end of Ink Master Season Three. They started off after my last practice tattoo appropriately. All the mistakes using a 1rl or 3rl are going to be much more visable. So if we can make them straight at this stage, we should have no problem with bigger needles. The curves on this piece were expensive to practice on and are no picnic, but are going to help prepare for some priceless real skin and some of the challenges we may be faced with without warning… If we make it to that point. Nerves and pressure are present at every level and there is a spiritual theory that the client and artist could be momentarily trading places because of the closeness and important nature of the tattoos’ meaning and impact. Our spirit guide may be a part if it, so we shouldn’t worry. Still I like to be prepared as a fan of perfect tattoos too, so if that happened, I know the artwork, my arm is strong and hold on tattooing well enough so that change wouldn’t mess up the whole tattoo. Does that make sense?