Recently Ultra changed the rules for attending the festival after selling out. They no longer require vaccines, tests nor masks. This reminds me of an angry woman who shouted from her car window in hate, “Take off your mask!” to me riding a bike. Like her car isn’t polluting the environment and my lungs. Out of principle and feeling safe, I’m finally giving up hope on attending. If anyone is interested, I can sell the entire trip package including four nights in my name, clear bag and round trip bus ticket from Saint Augustine, Florida (Greyhound). It would be a great deal (since I booked so early) with modest accomodation that is walking distance from the venue. I still plan on going to Miami, unless someone wants the whole deal, to see some different stuff and watch some movies. If I can’t sell it, I’ll consider it payment to artists for minimal podcast streams that may have equalled something like a beer to someone like TiĆ«sto. Since those companies never responded and most DJs don’t care about streaming whatever unless you make money, I don’t feel I owe anyways since I promoted their work at my expense.