I got to the show a little early and took notes. Lots of popular cover songs spanning the decades; done very well and some original music. I missed the last act and finish time of second to last because the rain started back up.   I kept re-adding layers until I was suited up to bike back.  Ideal atmosphere despite rain and decent flow of attendees. Great start with the music and unique offerings from each act.

Kate & Cory 6-635
Folky covers, female singer, two guitars.

Cody Boulos 645ish – 6:59
Soft swooner voice, rough guy cover songs, stripped down acoustic. Does DJ service I heard?

Shayla Nelson 7:05 – 7:36, 7:41 – 20:04
Big, dramatic, embellished voice and impressive stage presence and performance ability. Covers with only keyboard then switched to guitar only. Has played all charity events held by Music Matters. Played two originals at 19:52. Socials search for shaylanelsonmusic.

Pat Murphy 20:14ish – 20:46
Bluesy, jazzy acoustic. Some stories said with low volume to chords so crowd chattering continues and could hear if listening closely. Cool dynamic; wise and thoughtful.

Annie Dukes 20:52ish
Gypsy rock. Unique look with acoustic, excellent drums and two female vocalists (three musicians present).