I’m currently updating the Things To Do Before I Die list. The Transiberian Railway trip I had been talking about with a friend I met in South Korea over fifteen years ago, has been removed as well as all DJing aspirations. I wrote this list around the time I first got Coronavirus and thought I would die from it. The world is still recovering in many ways from this pandemic and to read about selfish people making it worse for other countries is intolerable to think about incorporating them into my future plans or dreams. To see families fleeing their country to become homeless after our most bonding crisis reminds me of the years prior to when Covid-19 hit. I didn’t think I could make it through one more year of poverty, sacrifice or suffering and for any group to do it intentionally to another, when we could possibly see a light in the distance, is doing far worse than undermining every possible reason in history to justify one’s actions. I believe they will face consequences they fear they could never have imagined in the afterlife.