Tomorrow morning I’m checking out and have almost twelve hours to burn still. Miami sometimes reminds me of Houston, though there is no friend like the Williams Tower keeping tabs as you tour around the city. One big help on my trip is Citymapper app. Even though they rely on Google Maps, I didn’t feel like that had an umbrella over me. I recommend this app entirely, though it does demand your battery to stay on the stops like a local. I didn’t use the notification buzz on arrival, so that would probably help. I also bought the unlimited weekly pass for Miami-Dade transit and definitely got value from it. If inspired I’m thinking to go to Vizcaya and the beach island (Miami Beach). That is where several hotspots are located, but I’ve been avoiding many areas around there and the fest because of worry about crowds and stress. There was a detour because of Ultra and I couldn’t easily find the correct stop. So we’ll see what tomorrow brings. The characters may have to wait in stored luggage until departure, in physical form anyways… Definitely will have to revisit, but I was missing New York City today and thought that should be a priority along with Boston before a revisit to Miami. The right opportunity or relationship and I could live here, but I don’t see it in the cards.