Earlier today I was having trouble loading films on the Roku channels. I know T-Mobile has 3 gigabytes of high speed tethering and then it’s reduced to 600 kilobytes per second on the Magenta family plan for example. However there was no speed at all. So I watched a movie on The Roku Channel with Roku android app. It’s not even possible to maximize the movie on the phone’s screen with this app. I continued the Bruce Willis marathon with a third to add to the list of those I wouldn’t recommend. I had to fast forward too many scenes and even though there was some good acting and Megan Fox was in it, I just think the language and subject matter was focused on too much to be a worthwhile compromise to see them in. So the don’t watch in the Bruce Willis marathon list is:

Midnight in the Sawgrass
Hudson Hawke

Also don’t watch:
The Andy Warhol Diaries

I eliminated another from Netflix because of the director matching one from the list above. Not sure if that is fair, but didn’t want to chance it. Finally tonight I got the tether signal working again after switching a setting of the AP Band to a 5.0 GHz band*. I saw Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike; among others. Rebuffering occurred much less and for an over two hour movie, I was consistently capitivated. Rated PG-13 I’m not sure I would say it’s safe for early teens, still better than those above. Superb acting, creative mystery and quite a liberating plot. I remember vaguely wanting to see this since it’s release in 2012. Ten years later I was able to thanks to the EPIX on The Roku Channel 30-day trial.

*As of 4.4 this didn’t work.