I’ve reached the final straw with our hosting provider and after thinking about it more, the blog in general. Ckwal hasn’t been recognized as a worthwhile endeavour to even those in my family and previous friends’ circle to proven sustainable value in real world terms. In all the years since we started, I’ve haven’t received enough donations combined to be considered a business for one year. When feeling pressure to register as a “ficticious name” by Florida’s government for a fee, even though it’s non-fiction, I in turn was contacted by a tax collector rudely. After replying to respectfully with an inspirational card, they took my motivation to continue more formally in 2022. Now getting pressure to seek minimum wage jobs while scrounging for my next meal, I may have to return the TV which the sole purpose was for the Year of Movies. A year which those involved deserve. The tattoo culture has all but stomped out my flame as even a customer and the accompanying magazine industry ignored me and continued to publish typos and other poorly edited content, seemingly on purpose. If you don’t respect the artist in your family and community nor contribute regularly to them as a serious entity of society and culture, often they may commit suicide or run away. Still I experience abuse and neglect today as a sober, responsible artist who has even sacrificed about two years of a real home and over five years of privacy and independence for Vegan Life (food, cruelty-free principles, communication, character life and everything that goes with veganism), The American Dream (trucking idea), Karma Journey (movies and TV), music mixes (all genres) and art (tattoos and more). This will be the last year on Gandi.net, the French servers and possibly the final year of Ckwal.us (on infinityfree.net), Ckwal.net and Ckwal.gdn. As it once was, I’ll probably be taking my writing offline as a personal diary or lyric notebooks and seeking work in countries that were once kinder to me.