My bus was late last night and I walked through Historic Saint Augustine. It was super chill. Although I thought my late evening plans were crossed out, I eventually made it to the tattoo supply shop and grocery, just before they closed. I bought a few hurried items including a cheap coil machine.

Today I took off early and went out to LifeSouth. I saw online that noone had booked the days first appointments, so I waited for them to open. I was let in early and one of the ladies got the process started as soon as possible to get me hooked up to the aspheresis. It’s been over a year since I met with LifeSouth and this was my first double with them. I received my first blood donation t-shirt of all time too. Afterwards I picked up some treats and headed out to the card shop we found last trip to Jacksonville. I asked one of the employees about the latest card game collector packs that I might find valuable cards that players would buy if I got lucky. She reffered me to two of the hottest Yu-Gi-Oh! packs out. I picked up two packs of each and some sleeves with a protective deck holder.

I’m so burnt out with running in boots last night and trekking around in the hot city sun. Since I was craving the nostalgia of the 80’s and 90’s, I’ll be continuing Seinfeld from the beginning, available on Netflix. The place I’m staying in is my introductory experience to a Jacksonville Airbnb hosted room. I love these all code entry, Matrix feeling city stays. It’ll be a long day after check out before the bus back, but I’m debating picnics and a double-feature.