Another movie we’ve been waiting for starring Adam Sandler, Hustle is officially premiering on Netflix. A new two day earlier date of June 8th is quoted on at this link with some other intriguing photos. A quick search looking for the film shows some serious stills and comparisons to the style of Uncut Gems. Though I find it pretentious of writers to start talking about a new movie being “the next whatever” that stood out among an artist’s career, I think that wouldn’t be a bad thing if it was something like that.

Halfway through Season Four of Seinfeld and still mostly enjoying it, though I’m noticing two things. They do a lot of illegal or technically wrong things to everyone and well, the idea of covering everything tends to make me wonder if at one point I should just turn this old thing off. Legendary show and sense of humor given, I still can be sensitive to boundaries in principle and example.