Finished Season Five and continued on to Season Six of Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld is starting a tour later this year in September which is very intriguing. Last night I decided to restart the subscription to Epix on the Roku Channel, mostly because I am transitioning to an overnight schedule for work. I think I may prefer that to the Redbox being that Redbox doesn’t respect my request to “Skip” a receipt. Main problem is that I have to mostly watch them on my phone with reduced size for many selections until my service provider resets tethering allowance next billing cycle. The upcoming months are asking for internet and a bigger TV like we almost had before, still I’ve been prioritizing a trip to Thailand for years and just have to continue our “Year of Movies” by any means possible within budget. Oh and I forgot to mention Epix on the Roku Channel’s final selling point. Lost City and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 are available now. I just watched Lost City this morning even though it arrived in theaters during my trip to Miami. I wasn’t excited for it then, but the anticipation steadily crescendoed up until last night. It had the potential to be a really commercial cookie cutter, yet I found it untypically cool. Of course there are many crowd pleasers, but they often switched gears or changed something just about when it was going to turn into a dime-a-dozen romantic comedy. This is often how I conscientiously think while writing and that made the movie fun and unpredictably moving while still having some comfort food for thought.