I watched Sonic the Hedgehog 2 over a couple of days. Somewhat reluctantly however since it was included in the Epix on the Roku Channel subscriptiton, I thought some of my characters would like it. mini C2, The Child and Ari got through this one together. As a vegan my biggest annoyance was the glorification of the chili cheese dog which was also present in the previews I saw at the theater. Even though I liked the first movie, I said – no way am I going to pay theater admission price to see this one after that offensive bit! Overall I was very disappointed. I grew increasingly annoyed by Sonic’s wreckless behaviour and over confidence. I thought the Red Sonic (Knuckles) had a cool voice, but his development had a deal breaker in it when he switches sides and decides to tell Tails that he’s going to eventually get revenge one day when she least expects it. That makes no sense and bothered me after Tails’ apology. Tails was my favorite of the movie, still she could have been a tad cuter. Jim Carrey’s villain lost appeal for me in this sequel. I didn’t laugh at any of the humor and most of it was so typical. I guess I take for granted how bad it could be in these type of movies with underexperienced actors… My reference however is a blogger for a video game site which claimed this movie was decidedly their most favorite of all time! How can this be? Several times I could have left the movie with no regrets and I guarantee you there will be another movie after this one. So I feel I am not their target marget, but Jim is a star of my generation. I would say this series needs a serious makeover.