Yesterday was the three year anniversary of the big bandana tattoo on my right lower leg.  I didn’t do anything to celebrate in connection because I checked the Tattoo Journal this evening before this post. I’ve been making a big wish list of shopping for the future months and debating about adding anything in the tattoo culture besides completing the coil machine with a grip, tube and tip set.  I’ve got my eyes on a Dringenberg Tube Set found at Saltwater Tattoo Supply.  It costs double the machine base, but I like the metal hardware. Another item I was pursuing; the Avril Lavigne cover copy of Inked Magazine to frame. She’s flicking us off behind a skateboard on fire. On a different topic I watched around half of Hustle starring Adam Sandler. I was getting inspired by some of it and then feeling betrayed by conflicting bad language mashed with stuff I like chained together in the middle. Sadly I turned the movie off and couldn’t bear to see that practice tattoo on the wall with our previous “Man of the Year” within frame, so I took it down. Today I wanted to finish the movie to resolve my depressed feelings about it, but went to the 100th episode of Seinfeld in the marathon. It will be the first one I skip because it’s really just scenes cut from of the previous episodes out of context. So two disappointments in a row. I made a great pan vegan pizza tonight though with toasted chili powder on the bottom crust and a refreshing fresh tomato sauce with pre-sliced olives and Garam Masala.