The tethering allotment reset yesterday and I had made a list of movies to watch with my most recent subscription. After the trial I was so entertained that I decided it would be worth the cost, even if I couldn’t find anything else this month. I finished the first one on my list just before one a.m. Love and Monsters. I had never heard or seen anything about this movie until I found it on the Epix channel browsing page. I was impressed because there are so many things about this movie that could have been done poorly. The monsters were seriously frightening and almost all of the story was intriguing and fairly unique. There was one turn of events at the end that made complete sense with all the foreshadowing done, still it veered towards one of those “bad guys gone ridiculous” sequences that always feels the same way to me. I guess I would hope for a sequel of Love and Monsters more than Morbius.