Last night after many nights of flight searches and hypothetical plans, I attempted to buy one of them when my pay was deposited. I was towards the final third of a pretty fun movie called Rumble. Several itineraries failed for several reasons. Some because of digital communication with the bank, conversion fees, fares no longer available and even the idea that Taiwan still has a three-day quarantine stopped another purchase at near completion. I had to resolve my thought process to sleep and finally after basically giving up, went with the same airline I booked to Thailand for one last try. I’ll be continuing the second leg onwards to Seoul, Korea was confirmed. From there it’s possible to take a high-speed train to a ferry to reach Japan, but I haven’t made any further plans yet. So far it will be six nights with Bangkok as a base and then about a week from my first international home over fifteen years ago as a pivot. Sorry to family in Munich, friend in Dubai and coworkers, students and friends in Taiwan. The blood donation trip in late August to Jacksonville has solidified with confirmed time off from work, Airbnb accommodation paid up and return bus ticket arranged. It’s practically a repeat from the previous one since it was such a success. I plan to repeat almost the same trip in mid-December with LifeSouth and Airbnb as the framework for my life saving mini-trips. More exciting news in the Seinfeld marathon. As I rounded the corner to Season 8 where Larry David departed and Jerry starts writing more of the shows, I discovered Jerry Seinfeld added three Florida shows in late September/early October. To my surprise I found an affordable seat in the orchestra section for one person. With some nearby, closer seats going for 1000$ or more each with a mandatory pair, I didn’t hesitate to book my place in the Moran Theater to see an icon from my generation take stage in reality before my very eyes.

In three year anniversary celebration of tattoo #14 June 30th, 2019 – Dragon fireball sun by Jacob Young.