Soon our loudest American holiday and later in the month I turn forty-two. I have to work on the fourth and my birthday plus I’m on an overnight schedule, so they are going to be weird ones. I decided to get internet (Xfinity) for a year to continue the year of movies and other shows when I get through Seinfeld. I need to eventually brush up on drawing and do my sewing for a dress shirt I’ve been procrastinating about. Still the best way to stay on my schedule is to keep streaming entertainment. The Epix on the Roku Channel subscription ended and I didn’t renew since my phone tether is too limited. I have some other reasons I need internet, but for the blog, trip planning and deciding my life goals in the long spaces between work shifts in the dead of night, the cost and commitment will be fully justified. I’ll be planning the third upcoming trip to Jacksonville of the year as well to see Jerry Seinfeld, so amongst all the expenses there should be plenty of motivation to work hard throughout 2021. I sense big resolutions for next year on the horizon as I’m thinking way ahead to next year, however I’m not living there. I’m in the present and not taking my blessings for granted because we’ve all learned now to not be so sure of anything even when they are going well with our roles strong.