I haven’t witnessed as many thunderstorms in the previous half a decade or more than I have in the past week or so. Taping my worn rainsuit and covering the bag strapped to the back of my bicycle to shuttle between work, shopping stops and tonight – the theater. I picked up some food in a break between the storm, but it started raining again when I walked out of the Walmart. In the rain I rode over to see The Black Phone and arrived about thirty minutes early to have a snack dinner outside under the overhang of one of the shops nearby. Others were exiting to the parking lot, scattering in all directions of one of the more popular times and showings. This movie was quite different than I expected. I don’t watch horror movies in the theater often and my confidence level dropped during the previews as it hit me that I was the only person in a corner room with a show going past midnight on a dark and stormy night. There is an awful amount of disturbing content in this movie which is very gripping. Kids fighting and blood, abuse and bullying. Not to mention the main events of the plot. I really fell for the young actress Madeleine McGraw and actually thought all the other main young actors were super-talented. It gave me hope about new legends brewing to replace the big names of my time. There are some other more typical scary movies coming soon that I might have to give a try in the theater setting.