The most recent pay cycle attributed to a pair of weeks in which I worked about as much as I thought possible considering the amount of physical labor in the jobs I currently do. The hours weren’t exactly typical, but I will be levelling off at nearly a full-time situation between two jobs. Most of it is going to the return ticket from Seoul, Korea back to Jacksonville, Florida in mid-February, 2023. I have done quite a bit of travelling, however I can’t remember paying this much ever for three plane tickets in my life! They were found at decent prices as well in comparison to others. I did quite a bit of research and these still don’t include a choice of seats for international planes, but the most recent one with American Airlines is a pretty good flight with only one short stop and the others allow specification of a Vegan meal with Singapore Airlines. It will have been over nine years since I have visited Thailand and almost fifteen since I left South Korea. With some return money from failed purchases surrounding my birthday, I also booked the first two nights in Seoul with a rooftop view of Seoul tower. So the trip is almost totally set with five accommodation reservations (I’m aiming for six in order to get closer to genius level 3 on, travel insurance and a renewed passport in processing. Passport renewals have a waiting period of up to eleven months, so get yours going early! It will be tremendous gift to travel again to another country after what I remember feeling in early 2020 and the following years. South Korea gave me a huge break after graduation in a career with ESL and I definitely look forward to showing my gratitude by visiting their capital again. I wonder what it will be like in different countries after all this time; the impressions with my lifestyle and who I am today. There may be some compromises, still I think that after research on that I will be able to break the ice of going out to eat as a vegan which should contribute to my journey going into the sixth year around this time next month.