I finally finished the marathon of almost every episode of Seinfeld last night in order. I skipped the episodes that put together a selection of scenes from the previous episodes and the final episode. I will have to fill the void with something else during the overnight hours in which I don’t work. I will be seeing Jerry in Jacksonville on October 1st to conclude my trip down memory lane and finalize the update of the show experience with a live one. I have only been to one comedy show that I can recall in Edinburgh during the first half of 2012. It was not very tasteful and blew my mind in a bad way, but I still have some good memories of Scotland. Soon I’ll be watching Knives Out and also bought a copy of Raya and the Last Dragon in Redbox. That one only cost about as much as a rental, so I figured I’d watch it in the next few days. I also tried to buy a discounted copy of In the Heights, but for some reason it didn’t add. Although I’m not normally choosing these type of music movies, I still think it would be fun and the cover images keep calling me! Updates on recommendations and comments on these movies in a future post.