Not long before I turned thirteen years old, Jurassic Park was released in the theaters.  I was a fan of the movie as most of Steven Spielberg’s directions.  The franchise has deviated somewhat from the original idea in the last decade especially with the animated TV series.  Jurassic World still has many of the same elements we love about the first three.  See the list here.  Frequently with sequels I get lost when they stop numbering the movies or do prequels.  Others take the original name and start a new plot with different characters and that can get even more confusing.  I saw Jurassic World had a third one in the theaters and I know I hadn’t been keeping up, still where did I stop?  So I decided to rent Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom the other night along with Just Mercy.  Michael B. Jordan gives me the same bewilderment as Bruce Willis at times in the Redbox because of the titles using just his face as the poster and possibly one or two other faces.  So I thought where are we at with Jurassic Park and Michael B. Jordan?  Let’s get this figured out.  Both are recommendable.  However they both have some frustrating pieces with bad guys saying and acting so typically.  Some of the dinosaur action scene with the volcano in the beginning of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom are so unbelievable as the movie sprints from the get-go.  Like a sugar high though they drop us somewhat and hit the breaks hard, so we have to exercise our gear switching talent.  Tonight I’ve rented two movies of a different genre that keep calling out as a pair, but  I wasn’t in the mood before tonight.  I’ll report back if either are worth passing on.  It’s two for two in the Redbox for a few more days (2FOR2), so time to pick those ones you keep procrastinating about for fear they won’t be worth it or the idea you don’t know where you are in the series!  By the way Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness has been released there too.  Waiting until a copy becomes available.