All that trip planning and I was bound to fail on something.  So fate has it that I’m considering a two day excursion to Sapporo or Tokyo, Japan from and returning to Seoul, Korea next year.  Never mind that right now.  I also bombed on movie recommendations going outside of my comfort zone with comic relief type action flixs and a tv series.  I have nothing to report due to my explicit standards in passing on movies or shows.  One was not bad overall with it’s unique plot twists, however I moving on to something possibly in the theater.  There is a new one with Brad Pitt entitled Bullet Train.  Rated R says it’s, “…extremely bloody, violent”.  Seriously though movies today have amped up all ideas of what we’ve seen in the past making even Quentin Tarantino look like an art museum.  I blame video games and social media.  So don’t forget to take a break from all that stuff so we don’t get too corrupt!  I’d enjoy checking out the latest Minions (Minions: The Rise of Gru), still worried about how true that PG rating is though.  Some of my family has been talking about seeing Top Gun‘s massive return with Top Gun: Maverick.  With it’s original hero Tom Cruise, I’ve read others saying it’s the best one yet.  How can that be?  Were you even alive in the 80’s?  Also Jurassic World has a third installment which is an obvious theater excitement possibility, Jurassic World Dominion.  I used to have a crush on Natalie Portman, but this Thor guy might send me out at the end blushing.  Why not Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris or NopeNope looked  good in the preview I saw on my birthday.  Still I was just admiring DC’s answer to all those Marvel monopolies, DC League of Super-Pets.  Theater near me has a 10:45 pm showing.  Which cult singles are sneaking out to see that in the middle of the night?  I’ll let you know if I make it.