Blood Donation History updated.  The 29th and 30th lifetime counted units have been successfully collected.  The Greyhound was late as usual, however I ran over to the JRTC and caught the second to last bus after loading a three day pass.  I actually could have made it to Walmart and back on the bus to my Airbnb accommodation with that timing, but decided to check-in and did a movie marathon on the Roku Channel.  During this trip I ended up seeing The Secret Window, Chapter 27, Cell, No Good Deed and Flight 7500.  I also caught some selections of Family Feud.  Octavia (pony) was the only character that traveled with me and we missed the others enormously.  I tried to trade a holofoil of Steelsight from Fortnite in wrapped mint condition at the card shop, but was turned down for any offer whatsoever and I got angry about that considering customers play all sorts of those games and buy other ones.  Fortnite by far has the most interesting looking characters with cool outfits as well as weapon designs, still I’m not sure what they don’t see in them.  I also saw no Nets cards for sale; looking for vegans like Kyrie Irving.  I’m now at the library before I head out for food or possibly the museum and then I have to catch the bus home.  My overnight schedule is getting a tad off, but I’ll try to realign in the next couple of days.  Jacksonville has been a mixed experience this time and I’m second guessing my future plans due to some various annoyances.  Positively I was happy with my decisions and planning leading up to the donation which was the focus of the trip, was lucky with the movies and able to pick up some Spirit brand transfer paper on special, so I shouldn’t complain.  Saving the fun for another time I guess.