The search for new headphones is over. I have been reading about wireless technologies after bad experiences using Bluetooth for sound. I have Bluetooth on my mini computer and a transmitter. I cannot consistently connect on the first time to either and rarely go without the sound being interrupted. So my idea train began about what people are using that are watching movies at home and want to be wireless, but having a similar experience. I found that RF wireless seems to be preferred. Testing the new pair of Steelseries Arctis 1 wireless, I thought the elements of sound were all excellent and the most important part of my recent purchase besides comfort was that the sound would be free of flaws from wireless signal and difficulties in connecting. They connected immediately after plugging in the USB-C dongle. I got lucky because there were a pair at Walmart in the clearance section of the electronics I had been eyeing for weeks. Actually they were at the normal web price, but the official website is sold out. This brand has high ratings and if you look at their webpage, many models are sold out, so you have to deal with what is in your local store or in stock online. Most other models available are costing upwards towards 200$, but without any visable leather products I think they are the idea headphone brand and worth the price. Year of Movies continues in style, comfort and much less irritation with the technology. So as far as Bluetooth, I’m done with trusting it for many applications.