It’s been five years as a vegan and I recently bought a pressure cooker.  I love beans too much to not be able to eat them due to insufficient choices that are to my vegan standards or that have garlic, onions or something else I rarely eat anymore.  Also today I had the commercial part of my license removed.  I didn’t want to pay for another DOT physical since I don’t use the license.  It would also be very difficult to continue living my life as a strict vegan on the road as a trucker.   So that choice goes hand in hand with my vegan anniversary.  It was a major learning adventure and difficult investment to let go, but I feel relieved I could finally make the decision and follow through with my ideas.  I’m not sure how I’ll dedicate my future life; I’m just sure how I’ll stop trying to fit it in my life somewhere.  Continuing the theme of the year, I subscribed to Paramount+ on Roku.  The first movie I saw was Queenpins, a Paramount Original starring Kristen Bell.  Not a bad action comedy about one lady’s passion for coupons as a coping mechanism and hobby, turned into a multi-million dollar criminal endeavor.  I like Kristen Bell, but sometimes I was cringing about her role and relationship as well as the things that happen to her and her partners.  I guess it’s conflicting when you can’t be partial to her character.  I guess that’s what makes the movie interesting.  Another great finding was in my search for vegan work shoes.  I ordered a pair from Vegetarian Shoes in Brighton, UK.  They have been in business making all vegan shoes for over thirty years.  Might take a month to get is the only drawback.