September politely announced its exchange with August and in Florida the obnoxious afternoon thunder continues to relentlessly interrupt which are typically my mornings.  I was tempted to quickly put together a trip to Daytona Beach Comic Con which is September 10th and 11th, yet I resisted in favor of trying to keep my future paycheck from being spent in advance.  I already have two new Funko Pops arriving soon besides (Selina Kyle and Harry Potter with Hogwarts Letters).  Funko had a moving sale with fifty percent off some random online exclusives and one of them happened to be a more pricey scene that I had my eye on for some time.   In addition some plugs from arrived today which were my first purchase last pay cycle.  There is a pair of metal ones with an ornate design, like those you can see through like the top of a metal gate or wall, that I’m wearing first.  That site is a guilty pleasure I guess and I’m at 20mm and six gauge in each ear.  Overall I have been having a different recovery from previous blood donations.  I’m eating much more and got a six pack of Vitamin Water in which I finished in two days.  My energy is so low with the two jobs in a different sort of way then ever before with all sorts of sugar-based cravings, but I know I can get through it.  I decided to try to donate with Red Cross in Savannah again next year (April) after the planned LifeSouth Jacksonville trip in mid-December.  Continuing with Paramount+ on Roku, I saw Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (recommended), two episodes of Nellyville (good so far) and one episode of Bar Rescue (interesting take on a “save the establishment theme” like Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares).  One more update.  I had to buy a cheaper smart phone and ended up with a Blu (designed in Miami).  I was going to go back to non-smart phone, but had to run to the store right away with my chores and outside work tasks.  Not sure what I’ll replace this J5L with and when…  There is a new release of OnePlus phones which is available now in Midnight Black for a promo.  The upgraded version costs the same as the entry level.  I was very tempted with this model for a few weeks as the release date kept approaching.  It is at a price tag of 649$ and is top of the line.  Only thing missing seems to be wireless charging.  Talk to you later when September develops material for the blog.