I am not reading the news, but somehow got a peek at some updates rolling over something on my computer or while surfing the web.  I saw an updated booster was being released and they were scheduling appointments in advance.  They had it at a few CVS pharmacies apparently in Jacksonville and I nearly booked a trip to get it.  The system frustrated me and it was unclear if the shot I was reserving was definitely the new bivalent booster.  Since the trip was going to cost me a bus ticket and possible stay in Jacksonville, I wanted to be sure.  However I couldn’t get a hold of a real customer service agent to ask.  I did get connected to someone for a short time after several menus and phone number tries and the line went silent after hearing her say, “How did you get this number?”.  Anyways I resolved to not get this booster in my frustration until I found out that the Pfizer version was available at the location within walking distance from me.  When checking the automated reservation system, it was clear that this was most likely the updated vaccine and I easily forged through the process having clicked through the screens in reluctance several times before.  Another thing I thought about was the international trip next year which may require that I’m updated in accordance with the CDC.  Today I am updated to which is my second booster and fourth overall vaccine.  Oddly enough there was a pleasant sensation as it was injected into my right deltoid and I could tell this one was different.  I don’t know why I was so mixed about getting this particular vaccine because the science sounds interesting, still I’m glad to feel confident about being around my Nanna in the future and working at the two jobs I currently keep.