I have been singing, creating one song in my head for over a year since not actively listening or playing music.  I haven’t tried to be away from music for this long in my entire life.  Why would I do such a thing before?  I defined most of what I do especially by singing at least for as long as I can remember.  I haven’t written down any elements of this song I am talking about, though I don’t think I could forget.  I decided to buy Wet’s Letter Blue tonight.  I remember listening to the album Still Run on the move to Houston when I took a Greyhound on my birthday two days after my Poppa died from Nebraska.  I had my glasses off and the lights blurred like Christmas was forever lost.  I couldn’t cry really because my life was so hard at the time.  I relistened while exploring town during my stay at Star of Hope homeless shelter.  The lines from their song Visitor, “If you’re looking for a home, Well, maybe I could be one“, coincided with UH Downtown which was the stop I recycled bottles and got off to go back to the shelter.  I never forget that concept when the city talks to you through an artist so perfectly clearly yet it doesn’t quite make any happy sense when I believe it’s supposed to.  I hear that feeling tonight in the lead singer’s voice and I can’t help hearing that by the end of the album we aren’t going home and I don’t know why.  Frustrated I still feel home in her voice and she won’t take full cadence except with the river.