I saw a couple of new movies in Redbox recently and made a mental note to return and rent them.  I wasn’t going to start any horror/suspense/thriller movies until October, nevertheless I saw Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin trending on Paramount+ (Roku subscription).  I think I have liked their unique style of fear production before and this one may be the best yet.  They deviate slightly from their regular recipe of documentary-style plot of things moving around and popping out, to present us with more depth to all aspects of filmmaking.  Critically speaking I felt the movie going nowhere at a certain dot on the timeline because it’s obvious that the main characters are in over their heads and being asked to stop digging into stuff with their cameras.  Still they continue to explore everywhere trying to uncover every mystery and it seems unrealistic that no one is around to stop them.  It’s like they are in a haunted house until the end and are expected to follow the made path against any logic.  That apathy didn’t last long and by the time the movie ends we can understand why they don’t see it crazy to not run away at some scene in the middle.  This movie also presents fear with real stuff happening in society and religion, not just your imagination as previous films in this series did somewhat from what I remember.  There was a new vibe, some sexiness and also a psychological exploration into a woman’s questioning about their abandonment as a child.  I didn’t expect that movie after watching some more of Nellyville  and glad I decided to face my fears.