I did some self-tattoo work on September 15th as reflected in previous entry date additions on the Tattoo Journal.  It was very encouraging to try out my newer machine from last year on a real palette.  Actually I have been so close to giving up tattoos in general despite some positive and inspiring calls recently because of the terribly abusive nature of the culture I ended up experiencing.  So I ordered some more stuff afterwards thinking about the opportunity to tattoo a friend in Thailand next year.  It’s a big sacrifice because I didn’t really have the room in my budget saving for the trip and my other plans and was excited to cut it out of my life in many ways.  My friend I found even had let me off the hook I found just after clicking purchase.  Still after not receiving a response in relation to my cover-up project, I thought I should just try and do all the stuff I want to my existing tattoos myself if they aren’t interested (that one would be hard to reach though).  There may be too many artists out there that can do better artwork, but there aren’t many like me.  Just keep in mind that out-of-shop work and international tattoos usually disqualify one from blood donations for three months at many companies, so keep those deadlines in mind.  That’s why the 15th was the last date for me until mid-December.  More movies overnight tonight on my night off, check in later.