Last night I continued the Nellyville series and took a break to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane.  It was a featured movie on the Paramount+ channel found through the Roku desktop application (subscription-based with free trial available at times).  What an oddball thriller!  John Goodman is starring in it, which at times I’m thinking, what is he doing in a movie like this?  How bizarre.  I won’t try to spoil anything as usual, so if you are looking for a warm-up with a twist to our month of Halloween-type movies starting around October 7th, this could be it.  I have to work tonight at my other job, but am looking forward to finding more movies on Friday and Saturday overnight.  Tip: I know Where the Crawdads Sing and Lightyear are in Redbox now…  I’m also considering catching up on my album selections with Tidal.  I’ve read it has top quality music and videos available at different subscription rates up to $19.99.  Here is the album I’m looking at with a deluxe master available.