It has been a hard-working couple of weeks and doing quite a bit of soul searching.  The work has left my hands feeling bad to the bone and quite sore.  Almost like my fingers are bent backwards.  Often I want to work more to make more, but recovery days are very important and I have to catch up on other goals besides the financial ones.  I heard about Japan opening travel next month for individual tourism (without mandatory tours because of Covid) and although I ruled out the idea in my trip to Asia previously, decided to make a change.  I booked a round-trip ticket from Seoul to Tokyo and cancelled one of my hotel reservations to end the vacation in Japan for three nights.  I’ll return to Seoul only to depart back to America.  I hope this trip plan is solid and makes for a life-defining return to some of the countries that once were so inspiring to me.  I’ve got my eye on Akihabara which isn’t far from my new hotel booking and Tokyo Station.  Known for its collectibles, video games and cosplay I think, Chibi and I will have no limits in mind for a creative character life and shopping extravaganza.  See 7 of the Best Neighborhoods To Stay in Tokyo post by Kristy Smith of The Girly Travels and Best Vegan and Vegetarian by Truly Tokyo for my starting points this time.