So I decided on Halloween Kills and Where the Crawdads Sing. Halloween Kills wasn’t quite as scary as I anticipated, but it was more graphic, realistic and lived up to the title. I remembered the latest Scream movie and almost feel like my generation is venting about the way modern life deviates from the real. So much real in this movie like Scream and Black Phone, but tossed back so much into my childhood with grungy guitar themes and what-not that I couldn’t help appreciating a sequel to this. I really wanted to write it off at one point as a “no-plot massacre”, but couldn’t. Where the Crawdads Sing come to think of it was something like that too. I wanted to love it and see it through to the end, but shut it off with around forty minutes left. There was something about the movie throughout that was giving me that basic emotion along with distraction. I didn’t like how they summarized the plot for us on the Redbox, but started after the killing occurred only to start over with these romances. That let me down and messed up the pace. It worked with A Journal for Jordan, still even that was somewhat confusing in that genius somewhere. What I loved about Where the Crawdads Sing was Little Kya played by Jojo Regina. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m in the twilight of “baby fever” for men, possibly it’s astonishment for some young actresses I’ve seen that gives me a little inspiration for living a longer life. I did get to buy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent for 2$ off it’s already good price of 3.99$, so I’ll save that to rewatch it if I ever get a bigger TV.