I just finished Nellyville. It’s sort of separated into two seasons with a total of twenty-one episodes. One of them is a review episode. There are some explicit topics, still it generally presented a surprisingly well-balanced family life considering Nelly’s fame and success. I think that was inspiring and felt it ended abruptly. It would be cool to see those careers of his children and relatives develop further on camera, as well as the intersection of Nelly’s tour and growth of his own artistry. I think for a superstar, he sets a good example with Nellyville and makes it look a lot easier than it usually is for stories similar to theirs. I am guessing that it takes quite a bit of energy and authenticity out of the experience that they decided to devote further time to focusing on the actual work. I’ve also seen mixed reviews and I would also say that if the viewers aren’t going to appreciate it, then why share at all?