Watching the storm cut across Florida and head towards our direction, except in the ocean. I was up last night as usual and found He’s Just Not That Into You from 2009. I had a great experience with the movie and stuff happening in my life going through my thoughts. Even though I’m not dating or with someone and haven’t been for a long time, I was very absorbed in the plot and message. One of which is to stop fooling yourself over other people’s interest in you or your life and spend time moving on to other relationships. The power kept flickering off and on and of course my computer would shut off and I had to restart each time. Meanwhile I would prepare food reserves in case we would evacuate the next day. This afternoon I woke up to water in the parking lot and the pond level out back has risen. The tropical storm turned back into a hurricane and I’m safe right now trying to get the Jerry Seinfeld trip all changed to next year’s new date of April 20th. We’re pretty much stuck here on Anastasia Island until the water level goes back down and the hurricane stops threatening to charge up and turn back to the shore. Prayers for those in Cuba and first hit in Southern Florida to recover. Although exciting if we don’t get screwed, it’s sad to think who isn’t so lucky in the back of our minds. I’d usually be cleaning tonight and somewhat stuck on what movie to see next, granted the power stays on. I did like Liam Gallagher’s C’mon You Know Deluxe Version. There is at least one questionable track on there, but he doesn’t really put mediocre work on his albums. The bass and drums are really tight together which seems hard to believe considering the credits list several bass players for many of the tracks. I wonder if it’s programmed together with midi processors and synths or some kind of sidechain. That doesn’t matter too much except in the live translation for shows. The best thing about the album is that is has several themes working together which have the adaptability to change meaning and feeling somewhat with each listen. I love how he sometimes talks to his brother and also tries to tie in his previous bands and projects to his ultimate legacy. You can tell he really cares about his greater purpose and includes everyone, even his previous bandmates and fans. That is really honorable for a rock star considering the number of selfish egos saturating popular culture. Not saying that he doesn’t have an ego, still don’t forget it’s tough to not lose that in our pursuit of more important things. My favorite part on first listen was how he opens up the cage on track seven with the chorus,

“I don’t hate you
But I despise that feeling
There’s nothing left for me here
You won’t know if you don’t go
Superficial feelings
It’s hard to take it easy
Underneath the red sun
Everything’s elđÁctric”.