I’ve seen a couple more nearly recommendable movies since the last post, however I’m not going to mention those here due to explicit content.  After posting This Year’s Albums, I bought Wet’s Pink Room on Bandcamp which I discovered during the album review for the post.  I guess Wet released two albums this year (2022).  Pink Room is a different thing though.  I could almost combine the two (Letter Blue and Pink Room) and think of it as an extended deluxe with two discs, since they are tied together with “Blades of Grass” (the one on Pink Room is marked as a demo).  If you like stripped down versions of songs with just voice and one instrument, you’ll really enjoy Pink Room.  I was disappointed at first because I love her fully produced albums and expected to hear something else like that, still I’m learning to almost go back in time and appreciate her roots in music as a fragile human being.  Honestly I can’t figure out their band‘s progression in real life with a logical frame of mind, unless they are doing well with money and just making artistic choices based on personal preferences.  It’s exciting to think of what they would do next, however it doesn’t feel like a sure thing.  Most bands take years between albums, so I’d be patient unless I was going to call them up to propose working on the next one.  Lol.