Russell Crowe has been popular since I was in high school and I don’t remember seeing a poor movie with him in it.  There are so many movies I haven’t seen in the past decade, that it’s difficult to look through the many selections available online.  I first like committing to a channel or theme and trying one from a good home feeling from there.  Paying for a subscription keeps them valuable and deters distraction.  Roku makes recommendations based on each movie you have seen.  Also it has been successful somewhat to find an actor or actress I like and search their history on Wikipedia or IMDB.  I did that with Ginnifer Goodwin recently and it worked fairly well for theme movies that she was in and she is someone I just started paying attention to from a recent movie.  So once you really get into it and make some notes about ones you might like later, the daunting task of finding something to watch isn’t as impossible and overwhelming as it is to first start.  Back to the movie I saw tonight.  Well I saw two, but again I don’t like to recommend particularly explicit stuff on the blog.  The Next Three Days falls into a few genres, however I was blessed with a heavy dose of suspense.  Actually I was mostly intrigued and feeling for these characters from start to finish.  From the theme movies I was in prior to this, the plot changes drastically and I felt like that made me let myself go in a big way for the rest of the movie…  I wouldn’t even read a plot synopsis and just click play.