So I started Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li earlier and finished it late this afternoon.  I have mixed reviews about this one, however interesting to see a preview of Bangkok and another reminder of Hong Kong.  I thought there was a strange balance between that light feeling of humoristic action like slapstick fighting and Asian influenced twang.  There are plenty of serious topics and ideas to expand on, still the movie doesn’t let it sink to any emotional lows for the most part.  Definitely one to possibly watch a second time, but you have to start off with a non-judgmental and less critical viewpoint.  Remember the roots are a Capcom game that we played as children that is in reality- gruesomely nearly killing each other.  The actress who plays Chun-Li is very intriguing and so are the diverse styles of Ken, the Interpol couple and some of the other appearances.  They talk about Ryu, but when are we going to see Blanka?  I’d like to see more of these.