Actually I’ve neglected to tell the blog that I had been suffering from side-effects of two vaccines. One of my jobs was encouraging the flu vaccine and my insurance was going to cover them. When signing up through CVS they allow up to two at a time. I got the TDAP and flu vaccines, one in each arm. I was only able to work one night in the seven days following. I finally returned to work last night at my other job, but my energy level has been low. I think if I had something like this on my upcoming trip to Asia next year, I wouldn’t have made it home and been in some financial trouble. Still this was a major blow to the savings budget for the trip and my momentum in nearly everything. Besides watching a few movies, I didn’t get much of anything done. I have a few more movies to update about: DC League of Super-Pets and Without Remorse. I found these movies in Redbox after taking a break from streaming selections and saw them through the end. DC League of Super-Pets wasn’t quite as good as I grew to expect after seeing the previews and imagining the possibilities, but far better than a usual animated, animal-type comedy. The movie ends where I thought the whole thing would be, so depending on the writing and how refined the comedy is, the next one could be better. There was considerate character development and a range of emotions, still I worry about the lines they push with gross humor that other movies cross so easily in a sequel. Without Remorse brings my catch-up with Michael B. Jordan to a 100% success rate. This movie is appropriately disturbing with current events in Russia vs. Ukraine and where my philosophical development of personal government lives so to speak. The action and story is well charged to keep a critical and movie-lover’s eyes sustained. Finally this evening I saw two more movies, only one of which I will mention for several reasons. Danny Collins. I am a fan of Al Pacino and this story was interesting despite a strange cover. It starts off quite bizarre with reality and fiction mixing things up and time doing another number on top of that (like that Ryan Adam song). Who could finally pull all this together after performing as a musician whose acting? There are so many talking points from this movie about songwriters, music business and how they interact and intertwine with others in real life. If I knew then what I know now, I don’t think anything interesting would have happened in my life or possibly anyone’s. Well that’s an extreme catch to that phrase I can’t quite put my finger on. Our knowledge and perspective may change the actual reality taking place for everyone.