A unique offering from one of my favorite actors, Nicolas Cage. The Humanity Bureau was very surprising. Kind of a spacious, desert-out-west hybrid of country and future civilization, perfect for a quiet Saturday evening. The only catch is the ending in some respects. Other than that my biggest complaint about the Roku streaming is that there is still too much reloading of the movie and probably infamous circle others are familiar with as we wait for the show to continue. I have heard buying a Roku Ultra device will help the most (about 99$), but I was so frustrated that I have to pay a premium for internet and being the only one on it, think there should be no issues. So I almost want to cancel internet and go back to rentals and theater only. Anyways we’ll see about that decision as Halloween approaches. Speaking of Halloween I guess the movie series we recently mentioned seeing has a final sequel in theaters, Halloween Ends.