The Circle is a free movie on Roku right now starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. It was oddly extravagant about the topic of sharing through social media and working for the powerful companies. I want to say it was very predictable though that wouldn’t quite capture the mood and continuity of the film. I think The Circle is one of awareness and a balance of ideas that has the ability to jump from one side to the other in a bipolar sort of way. Emma Watson’s character is striking throughout in her perseverance to succeed without seeming too crazy like some of those pushing her.
That thickens the plot and possibly the viewers’ own personal connections with the topics we are becoming more enlightened about. Part of me thinks the intention was to scare us and pick sides, but that is the unique part of the film in my belief. Being out of many social circles, I feel left behind during this movie except for the fact that I share so much on this blog. Still I liked the ending; enjoying the feeling like I didn’t really belong to either side of the story for a change; meanwhile observing a new perspective on the future of technology, sharing and communication in one dedicated direction.