I bought a Roku Express 4K+ and forgot about a couple of things.  One is that the HDMI output would take up the spot that the computer would output to, since I have only one HDMI input on the TV.  I found another way to do that though since the TV has a VGA input.  Why do I need the computer connected anyways?  Well I only have one TV/monitor and I don’t want to keep switching the cable and also I’ll need both connected and running for the audio.  That leads me to the second problem which is that I cannot have the RF wireless headphones connected to the TV or Roku.  So since I compromised on the level of Roku I bought, I justified getting a USB audio multi-track input device to run analog audio out of the TV to my computer.  I only know about music ones for audio, so I went to Guitar Center online and picked up a Presonus 25th Anniversary Audio Interface.  Presonus is a name I’ve trusted for many years since I first started my own recordings after high school, primarily for audio presamps.  This particular product ships with Studio One Artist DAW software as well and connects via USB.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  Anyways back to the movies.  I kept re-pairing with the Bluetooth transmitter and my less favorable headphones to finish Sliding Doors and Return to Me.  Both thoughtful movies reminding me of things closer to my life growing up.  I had forgotten about Gwyneth Paltrow by somehow missing many of the movies she has been in since she was originally popular and it was good to see and hear her in Sliding Doors with a convincing British accent.  Also good to see two role models of my life in Return to Me; David Duchovny and Minnie Driver.  I haven’t seen either of them in forever.