I changed my subscriptions last night to close out October and go into the rest of the holiday season, or “the holidays”.  I chose Peacock channel and trials of Discovery+ as well as Sirius.  The final chapter and newest Halloween movie, Halloween Ends is streaming on Peacock I found after signing up through Roku and I’m taking a break to type this post.  Holy cow.  This movie is still fresh in theaters.  Anyways I’m debating finding some songs on Sirius and possibly doing a MixList for the New Year or sooner.  I’m not totally sure if I’ll find time yet, but it’s creeping up as almost a necessity to release something besides doing copyrights of old stuff.  Next year as we talked about, the blog’s theme (and my life’s) will start anew with something like a focus on video games, possibly even video making or music mixes.  If I made videos or got into photography, there is a chance I will also record the one song I’ve been writing and release a single or an EP.  It all depends on what inspires me most during the trip in February and how the rest of the year turns out with work and family.  Happy Halloween if I don’t post again before November…  Oh I almost forgot.  I finished Accidental Spy with Jackie Chan.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever fully seen one of his movies or appreciated this type of fight choreography before.  He is quite the charming actor and this movie is full of city scenes, adventure and action.  I wish I could unsee him in that chase scene running butt naked through a night market, still talented regardless.  Next is Righteous Kill.